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Spell Designs Siren Song Strappy Dress Flamingo

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Your go to Party Season Dress. With a feminine silhouette, this midi dress is a light, cool, sundress with gorgeous pastel florals for an exotic, beachside feel. A frilled neckline, adjustable straps and open back - when you wear this dress you will be the image of a Summer romance.

Pair with neutral sandals or wedges, and a tan of course. This dress has been made in Rayon Dobby fabric with the beautiful threads creating a textured effect throughout, these pieces need to be treated with care to ensure the threads don't catch and pull.

Our model is wearing a size small. She is 5'8.5" (174cm) tall and has a 65cm waist

Our Studio model is wearing a size small. She is 6'0" (183cm) tall and has a 64cm waist

Length - XXS: 85cm | XS: 86cm | S: 87cm | M: 88cm |L: 89cm | XL: 90cm

Bust - XXS: 84cm | XS: 89cm | S: 94cm | M: 99cm | L: 104cm | XL: 109cm

Waist - 63cm | XS: 68cm | S: 73cm | M: 78cm | L: 83cm | XL: 88cm

Hem - XXS: 537cm | XS: 542cm | S: 547cm | M: 552cm | L: 557cm | XL: 562cm

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